On this Day 20th August- Sadbhavana Divas

  The birth anniversary of late Prime Minister of India Shri Rajiv Gandhi on 20 th August is observed as “Sadbhavana Diwas” nationwide every year. The theme of Sadbhavana is to promote national integration and communal harmony among people of all religion and languages.

Independence Day celebration at STEM World School

  Independence Day Celebration at STEM World School As said by Swami Vivekananda- ‘Freedom is never to be reached by the weak, Throw away all weakness, Tell your body that it is strong, Your mind that it is strong, And have unbounded faith and hope in yourself.’ With this zeal our freedom fighters brought to us the much awaited freedom. That is why this day is celebrated throughout the country with great enthusiasm and positivity. This year STEM World School celebrated the day with great pomp and splendour. A cultural programme was organised to pay tribute to the freedom fighters of our country and also to commemorate their sacrifices. At first our honourable Chief Guest Mr. Subrata Kumar Mitra, IPS, presently the member of West Bengal Health Recruitment Board along with his wife Mrs. Mitra, Mr. Rana Pratap Singh, CEO of Career & Courses along with his wife Mrs. Devika Bhakat, Miss Yashaswi Dugar, daughte

Happy Raksha Bandhan - STEM World School

  Raksha Bandhan is observed on the last day of the  Hindu lunar calendar  month of  Shraavana , which typically falls in August . It is a popular, traditional  Hindu ceremony. On this day, a sister  ties a Rakhi on  her brother’s wrist to pray for his healthy and happy life . Happy Raksha Bandhan !! -- posted by STEM World School Barrackpore, wireless more, Kol - 700121

International Tiger Day

    International Tiger Day Midori Paxton said, “ A healthy tiger population is an indicator of sustainable development in the 13 tiger range countries.” International Tiger Day ,also known as World Tiger Day is observed to spread awareness about dangers faced by tigers. According to World Wildlife Fund for Nature(WWF) , “As top predators , wild tigers play an important role in maintaining the harmony of the planet’s ecosystem. By preying on herbivores, tigers help to keep the balance between the prey animals and the forest vegetation which they feed upon.” World Tiger Day was first observed in the year 2010 ,on July 29 th ,at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in Russia. A total of thirteen tiger range countries came together and decided a global goal to double the number of wild tigers by the year 2022. The theme for this international day is – “ Their survival is in our hands.” People across the world understood the significance of the day and contributed to celebrations in t

On this Day, the Legendary Singer Kishor Kumar was born

  Kishore Kumar  ( Born on  August 4, 1929  )was an Indian  playback singer  and actor.He is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most dynamic singers in the history of Indian music as well as one of the best singers of the  Indian subcontinent  of all time. He was one of the most popular singers in the Indian film industry, notable for his ability to sing songs in different voices. -- By STEM World School Barrackpore near wirless crossing Kolkata - 700121

Alexander Graham Bell died on August 2, 1922

Alexander Graham Bell is well known for inventing the telephone.  He came to the U.S as a teacher of the deaf, and conceived the idea of "electronic speech".  Bell died on August 2, 1922.  On the day of his burial, all telephone services in the US was stopped for one minute in his honour.

Meditation is an ancient practice which helps people go beyond their personalities

  MEDITATION “What you think you become What you feel you attract And what you imagine you create”                                                   Buddha Meditation Meditation is an ancient practice which helps people go beyond their personalities, profoundly deeper within one self to discover the real sense of TRUE SELF. Since it’s inception, many monks, religious guides, spiritual teachers have emerged but still it holds its techniques and fascination. It includes the training of heart, boosting of minds and cleansing of souls so that our awareness can expand. The primary goal is to inspire spiritual connectedness, mental clarity, peacefulness, emotional tranquility and physical relaxation. The best hour to practice meditation is during the early morning at “Brahmamuhrt” when all the societal energies are dormant . It is mindful by nature thought takes beyond our minds. It helps us to go above ,surpass or supercede our mental processes. Without calmness ,the mirror of mindfulness w