Women’s Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day


The Indian Constitution recognizes every person as equal. This means that every individual in the country , including male and female persons from all castes , religions, tribes , educational and economic backgrounds are recognized as equal. When persons are treated unequally, their dignity is violated. Earlier, no law existed to protect people from discrimination and ill treatment but now there are several that work to see that people are treated as equals. Societies that value women and men as equal are safer. Gender equality is a human right.

Women’s equality day is observed on 26th August. This day reminds us of the hurdles overcome by the heroic women who faced discrimination in the society.

Gender based discrimination is prohibited under every human rights treaty. Despite of so much progress made in securing women’s rights globally, millions of women and girls continue to experience discrimination and violence, being denied of their equality and dignity.

 The observance of Women’s Equality Day calls attention to women’s continuing efforts towards full equality. Workplaces , libraries, organizations and others now participate with women’s equality day programmes or other activities.

Women and girls now have the right to study and go to school. There are some other spheres also where the situation of women and girls has improved. Now, these changes have not happened automatically. Women individually, and collectively have struggled to bring about the changes. This struggle is known as the Women’s Movement. Many men also support the women’s movement as well. As a teacher of STEM World School, I too think that all women should be treated equal as men and each and every women should have their own identity.

People should start this special Women’s Equality Day with a promise never to undermine a woman and treat every women with respect.


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